Friday, February 22, 2013

One man and his dog

Whilst researching Gilbert's life and family through online ancestry sites, I got in touch with a guy called Glenn from Canada. Glenn is related to me through Gilbert's family, and he has some photographs that I've never seen.

The most outstanding one for me is one of Gilbert's dad, Walter. He's seen here in a small patch of ground in Wortley, Leeds, surrounded by his chickens and one of his pigs (visible behind his left hand). With him is his dog (name unknown) and in his right hand is a switch, a small whip (I presume for the dog).

I look forward to uncovering more wonders like this, as I keep digging to fill out the picture of how Gilbert lived.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Great new development

Long time no post. I took a break from Gilbert over Christmas and started again in earnest early last month (January).

Things are progressing well. The vimeo trailer was featured on (the main site for the open source 3d software I use) and got over 5,000 views in the first week it was up. It's had a great reception from everyone I've shown it to, and has given me determination to push on and make it the very best I can.

I've been writing and, since I need input from other (read better) writers, have set up a regular writing workshop, starting on Monday evening, with two writing partners who's work I respect immensely.

So, I have a firmer idea now on how to tell Gilbert's story to give it the best visual impact, and offer the viewer a tense, gripping drama with a great finish.

I recently got back in touch with other members of Gilbert's family through the magic of Facebook, and their added insight will be a great help.

All in all, it's a very exciting time - so I really should stop typing and get back to it!

Until next time,